1. CHAMORRO STUDIES ARTWORK. 2013. digital, collage, pen…

    This is some artwork i designed for the Chamorro Studies Department at UOG. It’s not my own project :(  but I still try to do a good job :)
    I mixed up a bunch of styles to keep the picture alive and fun: drew little cartoons, overlayed different textures, good stuff.
    I did get some resistance towards some of the creative decisions I made, but thanks to Nepotism and my filibustering skills, I didn’t have to change much.

    I did find it weird that Father Duenas and Joseph Gordon Levitt are identical twins. I merged their faces to create this softened old photograph look. Boo Yah!


    "I wish I could go back to college. Life was so simple back then.
    What would I give to go back and live in a dorm with a meal plan again!

    I wish I could go back to college. In college you know who you are.
    You sit in the quad, and think, “Oh my God! I am totally gonna go far!”
    How do I go back to college? I don’t know who I am anymore!
    I wanna go back to my room and find a message in dry-erase pen on the door!

    Ohhh… I wish I could just drop a class… Or get into a play…
    Or change my major… Or fuck my T.A.
    I need an academic advisor to point the way!

    We could be… Sitting in the computer lab, 4 A.M. before the final paper is due,
    Cursing the world ‘cause I didn’t start sooner, And seeing the rest of the class there, too!

    I wish I could go back to college! How do I go back to college?!

    I wish I had taken more pictures.

    But if I were to go back to college, Think what a loser I’d be-
    I’d walk through the quad, And think “Oh my God…”
    These kids are so much younger than me.”


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